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Big Brother 8 Update!!

Big Brother 8 : The Rib Cage Edition!

The Bi-Polar Stick

Where in... the many reasons to consider Amber some kind of out-patient are explored, Eric’s a bit of a drag, Stick Girl just lies her ass off, and Nick comes back as a thirteen year old girl. They play giant beer pong for food and somebody’s gonna be getting the wooobie!.

Loser say what?
(aka "The show in 311 words!")
So basically it’s all about Amber, except they pepper in a few moments of clear weirdness to keep us confused. It’s nomination night and Danielle is back from her angry place because she gets to be queen bee again. Amber "has nobody", is "so confused" and the editors spent two hours putting together a montage of Amber reminding us that there are dark spots of dead tissue in her brain from all that meth. "what does integrity mean?" "what does backdoored mean?" "what does somebody-kill-me-quickly-before-I-kill-again? mean!!!". But first... (had to have a ChenBot moment) Jameka has pretty much worked out the disconnect with reality created by the America’s Choice thing... and Stick Girl gets her Hoe Room without any pictures of her pussy boyfriend (DING!) and a ridiculous "scrap book by hello-kitty" (aka Nick) letter of schmoopiness. After I rinsed my mouth of the throw-up residue, and the Amber montage, we get Eric losing beer-pong and electing to dress in Jessica’s clothes. He looks good in the checked dress and headband but I’m thinking Little Elvis didn’t like trying to fit into the booty shorts... and it’s the closest he’s ever going to get to her furry bits. Smarty pants Jameka sits down with dumb-like-post Amber and works out the Dick, Eric, Danielle, Jessica alliance (geezus that girl is smart) and then we’re off to food games. This one is (surprise surprise) giant beer pong with basketballs and barrels. Half of them are on slop, some are on slop regardless and ... I don’t really care. They’re getting a big fancy feast in the middle of it all anyways. Big Bro shrinks the table – I totally knew that was coming tonight – and then Danielle lays it on Jameka and The Crying Game. Oh, and America gets to decide who Eric is going to have to give his ‘woobie’ too with some fake sob story from his youth. I expect America will pick dick... er... Dick.

Fav Quote
Dick and "it’s all good in the BB hood". He needs a XXL satin bowling shirt and baggy satin shin-shorts... all in orange with white trim... so he can rap with some hommies somewhere.

"I can honestly say that I don’t know what I’m going to do." How do you know when a lawyer Stick Girl is lying? Her lips are moving.

Most Memorable Moment
Yeah, I liked the Amber Missing Brain Cell montage. :)

Amber and Jameka are fucked. Please let it be Jameka... although there’s still the Veto. Maybe god is really on her side. (organ music goes here).

The winner...
What the hell is up with Jameka. She took her smart pills or something and unless they kick her ass off this week... I’d say she’ll give Jen a run for the big money. So there!

Three Things...
~ I want Amber to stay for the same reason I want Dick to stay... pure entertainment value.
~ The scrap book thing from Nick... CAN YOU JUST see her boyfriend have a freak? Hahahahaha...
~ what is with Dick not realizing that his staying was an insult!!
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